Java 1.4.0 required

JvoCalc in action

To the right you should see a simulation of the JvoCalc scientific calculator midlet on a 6610 phone. Though not completely accurate, the simulated screen is very similar to the actual running of JvoCalc on nokia series 40 devices.

You need java 1.4.0 or higher to see the simulation applet. This can be found here.

The calculator can be controlled by your keyboard after clicking on the screen of the phone. The numbers and arrows on the phone coincide with those on your keyboard. The * is pressed by the , on your keyboard and the # is pressed by the . on your keyboard. Finally, the left action button is pressed with enter and the right action button is pressed with backspace.

Special symbols and functions like add, subtract, sin and cos can be added by using the menu, the * button or the , on your keyboard.

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