Lenz2005 - Website lens effect Lenz2005 is a revised version of the earlier Lenz applet by JVO Java. The Lenz2005 applet can be used to show a lens effect over an image on any website. The lens will move around on its own, but will also follow the mouse. The following parts are new in Lenz2005 compared to the original Lenz applet:

  • Interpolation and multi-sampling for a better graphical quality.
  • Bumpmapping on the lens to add height differences to the lens.
  • Caustics (Distortion of light inside the lens).

The follow parts from the original Lenz applet maintain to exist in Lenz2005:

  • The possibility to add a link to the applet.
  • The option to overlay a (semi-tranparent) image over the lens.
  • Free choice in setting elements like color and index of refraction.
  • No loss in speed when using large backgrounds.
  • And more...
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